What is it about coffee and feelings?

Kapeng Barako Club: Samahan ng mga Bitter is a Palanca Award-winning play by Juan Ekis.

If this group exists in real life, I would easily qualify as a member. First, I love coffee. Second, coffee doesn’t love me back because everyone I love doesn’t feel the same way towards me.

Just kidding.

That’s the thing about feelings, I’m not good in expressing them straightforwardly. I joke about my sentiments and I find hugot even in the simplest things, but I am never upfront about what I really feel. (Sounds familiar, Eric, Masi, Anna, Stef, Marlowe and Joel?)

People who have been hurt in the past get too used to living with bitterness that we almost forget that love is actually a wonderful, beautiful, amazing thing capable of producing rainbows, unicorns and rainbow-puking unicorns (well, not really, but you know what I mean). When you get hurt, the easiest thing to do is to wallow in sadness and be bitter about it. It would take tons of courage to choose to love and see the brighter side of things again.

“Ikaw ‘yung play ko na sana totoo na lang.”

Most people also get too afraid of rejection that we’d rather die with our thoughts and feelings unexpressed…. at least personally. Because now there’s social media where we can post all those cryptic messages of love and longing, right? Let’s just hope the people who need to hear/read them would gain superpowers to be able to decode our parinig Facebook posts, tweets and captions on Instagram. Mental telepathy, perhaps?

Asa ka pa!

Just think about how nice it would be to live in a world where people are honest and upfront about what they feel. Seems next to impossible right now but starting with one’s self makes such a huge difference.

More than just the hugot, playwright Juan Ekis summed up Kapeng Barako Club’s message in one simple yet meaningful sentence: “If you want a relationship to flourish, talk.” (Take note, you guys!)

“Deep inside, all of us believe in true love.”

Did I like the play? Of course! I waited for months just to watch this play and, truth be told, I wasn’t disappointed. I loved reading the script and I know almost all of the hugot lines by heart but it felt more real when I actually heard it from the actors. I won’t go into the technical stuff because I am no expert. As millennials, it is something we can relate to, something that can inspire us, something that can make us think or reconsider things. If you want to know what is it about coffee and feelings, then go ahead and watch. Kapeng Barako Club is worth it. 

Instead of stars, I’d like to give this play five cups of coffee… black and cold, just like your ex’s heart. 

P.S. I heard that all of Kapeng Barako Club’s remaining shows are already sold out. You might want to check their Facebook page for updates, though. Malay mo meron pa. Diyan naman tayo magaling eh — ang umasa sa mga bagay na walang kasiguraduhan.

Poster from Kapeng Barako Club's Facebook page.
Poster from Kapeng Barako Club’s Facebook page.

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